Cooperate & 合作

Cooperate or transfer.(




  • The site can be sold as tabao film info or online store, and a simple, memorable and meaningful domain name can bring in better profits.
  • You can come up with a good cooperation plan, and we operate with, or buy out of this site (including domain name) ownership and use rights.
  • You can contact us via QQ:57389335 or


  • 这个网站可以作为淘宝电影或者在线商店,简单好记并且有意义的域名可以带来更好的利润。
  • 您可以提出好的合作方案,和我们共同运营,或者一次性买断此网站(含域名)的所有权和使用权。
  • 您可以联系我们通过QQ:57389335或者